Arc GIS 10.8 Installation Process

Step 1: Download ArcGIS Program and save it to your disk.

Click Here for Downloading

Step 2: Unzip the folder with the password

Step 3: Go to ArcGIS folder —– Double click on ArcGIS_Desktop_10.8

Step 4: Double click on the installation file ArcGIS_Desktop_108_172737

Step 5 : Extraction process begins and click close

Step 6: Installation wizard will appear. Just click Next and Accept the agreement. Just go on clicking next and installation will begin. It usually takes 10-15 minutes for installation.

Step 7: When it finishes the wizard will appear. Don’t close or click next. Just let it be and directly go to the downloaded folder of ArcGIS and open the Activation 10.8 folder and open the Crack folder. Copy Afcore.dll

Step 8: Paste the Afcore.dll in your ArcGIS directory folder which can be usually found on C drive—-Program Files—–Arc GIS—-bin. Paste Afcore.dll in the bin folder of ArcGIS. Replace it if a message appears or overwrites.

Step 9: Now you can close the wizard that appears.

Step 10: Also another wizard will appear which you can close.

Step 11: Now you can open ArcMap 10.8 from Windows.

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